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Hello, and welcome to the new place on the ‘Net to talk about turning your passion for flying into a lifetime of excellence, about how to fly artfully with awareness and an openness to learning, and the “go to” place to discuss Artful Flying. Please connect…and let’s begin a wonderful dialog of discovery about something that matters — our life’s art.
Michael Maya Charles



Mayday! Mayday!

Minor inconvenience or a major catastrophe? Michael reminds us what’s important when “stuff happens.”


Rethinking Recurrent

A few days ago I took some recurrent training in a JetRanger from an instructor who runs a flight school nearby. I’ve known him for years, but this was to be our first instructional flight together. In addition to teaching…


A Difference In Instructors

A friend and fellow flight instructor had a bit of bad luck recently when two of his students crashed within a month of one another. One of the pilots recently passed his private pilot checkride; the other one was flying…


Whistling in the Dark

Sometimes because of my A&P certificate, I am asked for my opinion about the airworthiness of an aircraft. This happened recently when a young instructor asked me to look at a Schweizer 300 helicopter he was scheduled to fly with…


What Awareness?

Last weekend, I observed a pilot start his Bonanza at the fuel pumps after topping off. When the engine lit, the throttle was probably set to around 2000 RPMs. The resulting prop blast rocked the open-doored Cessna 172 behind him…




It’s a word that most pilots hope to never hear from the FAA. To have your pilot certificate revoked means that the FAA takes your license away, cancels it, nullifies it. It’s as if you never even had a…


Feel Like a Fool

I’m learning how to learn again.

Recently, after thinking about it for years, I decided to learn to play a stand-up bass. I found a little-used instrument online, bought it, and for the past month, have begun to realize what…